Alvenrad beer: Wilde Beer

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Alvenrad beer brewing

It’s been a long-time dream for both me and Mark: a beer, made especially for our own band. And now it’s here! It’s called Wilde Beer which translates to wild male boar, referring to the boar – that you can find in plenty on the Veluwe – and it’s wild character.

The story

Richard, brewer at Puik BierenI got to know a brewer, Richard of Puik Bieren, with a brewery very close to my home. He is very much into rock ’n’ roll and crazy ideas, so we got talking. We started making plans and then came the day the beast was to be brewed.

Richard made the recipe, guided by our taste preferences and ideas. The beer contains water from the Veluwe, dark malted barley, hops, yeast and juniper berry. The juniper has been an iconic shrub here on the Veluwe and was once numerous on the moorlands of the Veluwe where it scared many a nightly traveler with it’s ghostly form.

The making

The beer was brewed in the Puik Bieren brewery, assisted by yours truly. It is limited to only 96 bottles and will be exclusively available at Alvenrad gigs and only in combination with other Alvenrad merch, since its exclusive nature and its inseparable connection to the album.

Here are the “making of”-video and some pictures of the process:

The label was also designed by myself and is in line with the upcoming album Heer. It contains the wild boar, drawn by Benjamin König to match the Heer artwork of David Thiérrée. Moreover, Mark wrote a poem in Dutch to complete the label. Here it is:

Wilde Beer label

The taste

The result is a very heavy, pitch black imperial stout beer with an alcohol percentage of 11%. The description of brewer Richard is “A beautiful, full-malty, heavy stout with a subtle touch of juniper berry and hops.”. Well, if that doesn’t tickle imagination…!

This fiery fluid is not for weak livers! It has an earthly taste an is almost syrupy in substance. An untamed wild beast for all you beer lovers!

Enjoy it and cheers!
on behalf of Alvenrad