In Klangschmiede Studio E

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lvenrad with Markus Stock

Hello folks,

It is with great pleasure to say we got the final master in our hands. On the attached photo you see Markus Stock, Jasper and me, after we said some words of total satisfaction to each other considering the mix.
What happened? One evening in May we met Markus at his Klangschmiede Studio E and drank a beer together. The day after we would spend the whole day to discuss the final touch on the mixes he did for our upcoming album Heer.

What can we say? No modern fukkin’ metal in the first place. Ah, and dynamics: they’re back! Alvenrad returned with a kinda ’70s instrumentation and the mix is in line with that. Moreover it reminds me of the first speed metal productions back in the days.

Cheers to you, Markus! We’ll meet at the Prophecy Fest to drink another one!

Mark, on behalf of Alvenrad