The Dutch folk metallists polarize, frighten and overwhelm

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Alvenrad in Oberhausen - picture by Carsten Brand

That’s what Jens Dunemann said in his review of our show in Oberhausen – thanks! You should check out the beautiful gallery by Carsten Brand.

As said we played mainly songs from the upcoming album Heer. We opened with ‘De Zonne-ever’ and ‘Minneschemering’. Then we continued with ‘Woudakoestiek’, ‘Dagen Gaans Heen’, ‘Foreest in Tweelicht’, ‘Boom des Gouds’ and ended the set with ‘De Raven Wodans’. So only the third and fifth song originated from our debut album. By the way, Jens got a point though: we should play ‘Ondermaans‘ the next time. Will think about an arrangement for four musicians meanwhile…

Mark, on behalf of Alvenrad

Hereby I include a selection of the photo’s (check out the link above for the full gallery):