The story of Alvenrad

Alvenrad band picture 2016

ALVENRAD hails from the Veluwe and is conceived as a folk metal band. In retrospective the formative years were the time Mark Kwint and Jasper Strik created Faelwa and Stormsterk. Faelwa intended to be the Dutch succession of bands like Empyrium and Tenhi. With Stormsterk the duo played nostalgic songs rooted in North-European folk music.

With the EP Farewell Sun (’09) from Faelwa and the full-length Wild en Bijster Land (’10) from Stormsterk the two enthused Thor Joakimsson, known as talent scout for Prophecy Productions. He re-established his own record label Trollmusic at the time. While the guys informed Thor about the plan to do a metal project, the label owner offered them a record deal immediately – without hearing a single note. ALVENRAD signed a two album deal with Trollmusic in ’13. After listening to the demo’s the record company expanded the contract to four albums in ’14.

Entitled Habitat the debut album saw the light as noble digipak in both Europe and the United States on the 4th and 15th of April ’14 respectively. The band´s wayward approach to folk metal left no one indifferent, as one may notice reading the reviews.

Drummer Ingmar Regeling and bass player Arjan Hoekstra joined the duo to enter the stage in ’16. Also Koen de Graaf played a role by doing some vocals. Thus the world premiere was in Balve (Germany) on the 28th of July in ’16, the eve of the Prophecy Fest. Then Arjan quit and Mark’s younger brother Thijs took his place. Mark and Jasper took all the vocals on their behalf from now on. With the new line-up ALVENRAD supported Empyrium and Les Discrets in Oberhausen on the 28th of April in ’17.

The band released their second album entitled Heer as a luxury box set on the 8th of December ’17. With cover artwork by David Thiérrée and mixing and mastering by Markus Stock, this album meant a step forward in their career.

ALVENRAD organized a release party in Apeldoorn (their first show in their homeland) on the 10th of December in ´17. But Mother Nature put a crimp in the plans by sending a snow storm over the Veluwe – so, almost no crowd because a Code Red was promulgated. Meanwhile Hanna van Gorcum joined the band on nyckelharpa. They found a much bigger audience on their festival debut at Dong Open Air on the 14th of July in ’18.

ALVENRAD supports Heidevolk on their tour through the 12 provinces of the Netherlands in ’19. Meanwhile they parted ways with Ingmar Regeling on drums and welcomed Nathanael Taekema on board. The latter will take care of the drums on both the new album and the upcoming live shows.