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Live reviews:

Twilight Magazin (German) – Live in Oberhausen (German)Gallery – Live in Oberhausen
Lords of Metal (Dutch)
– Live in Balve
Waldhalla (German)
– Live in Balve
Legacy (German) – Live in Balve
Nocturnal Hall (German) – Live in Balve
Twilight Magazin (German) – Live in Balve
La Grosse Radio (French)  – Live in Balve
Eternity Magazin (German) – Live in Balve
Betreutes Proggen (German) – Live in Balve


Barbarian Skull Webzine – May 2015 (German)
 – May 2014 (German) – May 2014 (German) – April 2014
ThisIsNotAScene – April 2014
Metal Soundscapes – March 2014
(Video) – behind the recordings – fall 2013

Reviews in print:

Hammerheart, edition 8 (German) – review ‘Habitat’
Empire, edition 105, page 32 (German) – review ‘Habitat’
Legacy, edition 90, 2014, page 114 (German) – review ‘Habitat’ (the album was also featured in the soundcheck)
Rockerilla, edition april 2014, page 73 (Italian) – review ‘Habitat’
Aardschok, edition april 2014, page 48 (Dutch) – review ‘Habitat’
Rock Hard, edition 323, 2014 (German) – review ‘Habitat’


Eternity Magazin (German) – review ‘Habitat’
Metal Temple (English) – review ‘Habitat’
New Folk Sounds (Dutch) – review ‘Habitat’
Metal Hammer Italia (Italian) – review ‘Habitat’
Music Waves (French) – review ‘Habitat’
Metal Monuments (English) – video review ‘Habitat’
Earshot (German) – review ‘Habitat’
Metal-Nose (Dutch) – review ‘Habitat’
Kaosguards (French) – review ‘Habitat’
Der Medienkonverter (German) – review ‘Habitat’
Sounds Behind The Corner (Italian) – review ‘Habitat’ (German) – review ‘Habitat’
Medazzarock (German) – review ‘Habitat’
Progwereld (Dutch) – review ‘Habitat’
The Elitist Metalhead (USA) – review ‘Habitat’
Rockway (Greek) – review ‘Habitat’
Ragazzi (German) – review ‘Habitat’
Rock Garage Magazine (German) – review ‘Habitat’ (German) – review ‘Habitat’ (German) – review ‘Habitat’
Rotting Hill Webzine (Austrian) – review ‘Habitat’ (German) – review ‘Habitat’
Bleeding4Metal (German) – review ‘Habitat’
Wyrd’s Flight (English) – review ‘Habitat’
In Your Eyes ezine (Italian) – review ‘Habitat’
DarkScene Metal Magazin (German) – review ‘Habitat’ (German) – review ‘Habitat’
Metal-Inside (German) – review ‘Habitat’
Metal-Experience (Dutch) – review ‘Habitat’
Crossfire Metal Webzine (German) – review ‘Habitat’
Selective Memory (English) – review ‘Habitat’
WingsOfDeath (Dutch) – review ‘Habitat’ (German) – review ‘Habitat’
Lords of Metal (English) – review ‘Habitat’
Lords of Metal (Dutch) – review ‘Habitat’
Dutch Distortion (Dutch) – review ‘Habitat’ (German) – review ‘Habitat’
ProgLog AFTERglow (Dutch) – review ‘Habitat’
ThisIsNotAScene (English) – review ‘Habitat’ (English/Dutch) – review ‘Habitat’
nachtaktiv Magazin (German) – review ‘Habitat’ (German) – review ‘Habitat’
Twilight Magazin (German) – review ‘Habitat’
Monsters and Critics (German) – review ‘Habitat’

Other articles:

Folk Rock van de Veluwe (Dutch) – article: Annemiek Rens about Alvenrad’s folk rock endeavors and the artist Gust van de Wall Perné
Woudakoestiek (Dutch) – article: art historian Annemiek Rens about “Habitat” and the artist Gust van de Wall Perné (German) – article: Mark about ‘Blood Fire Death’
Trollmusic (English) – article: Mark about ‘Blood Fire Death’